Traveling Workshops

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       Anatomy of Yoga (Epic Yoga Teacher Training. Nashville, TN. November 2014)


What students said:

  • “Overall wonderful presentation and analogies!  I loved your flow and the transitions”
  • “Thank you so much for a great presentation.  I enjoyed your efforts to make what can be an overwhelming subject interesting”
  • “Your presentation of kinesthetic learning was fantastic!  The explanation you gave of the spine was amazing!  I worked for a chiropractor for years and I wish I new now what you described to be able to relay to my therapy patients”

Divine Architecture of the Hips, Knees and Shoulders (Laughing River Yoga Burlington, Vermont 2014)


Healing Breathwork & Vinyasa Yoga Workshop (Sacred Mountain Studios. Burlington, Vermont)


         Anatomy Module (Yoga Across America Teacher Training and Deafhood Yoga: Sacramento, CA)

         Anatomy of Assisting (Shakti Power Yoga Nashville, Tennessee      


  • Hips & Knees workshop (Yoga Tree, Corte Madera)
  • Yoga 101 (Yoga Tree Corte Madera)
  • Teacher Mentoring & Coaching (On going

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